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Thank you for contacting Loving Hugs, Inc.!  We are no longer accepting donations, as we have made the difficult but necessary decision to close. Our last “Hugs” are currently (Spring-Summer 2015) on board three ships of the U.S. Navy, one of which is the USNS Comfort hospital ship for their largest humanitarian aid and disaster preparedness training mission, Continuing Promise- 2015 (CP-15), as well as two others.

It has been such an honor serving our country, and serving children in need around the world in this loving, soft way, working with so many great people and organizations to accomplish this great good! Thank you for your support for these past 8 years, for your donations, and for helping Loving Hugs grow, and by spreading the word, enabling us to accomplish the incredible ripple-effect of “Win-Win-Win” blessings for hundreds of thousands of people world-wide. We have all been blessed.

With gratitude,

  Loving Hugs



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